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meant only that she took the same view of him as the Senate
and the others took. That he would be pleased to get on th
board. Just that. He shouldn't be disappointed, he toL
himself, that she could not name for him the impulse whid
he himself had been unable to name. It was not her fault
Or disappointed that her presence now, and the expressioi
of her face, failed to give him the clue to understanding
Her smile had touched him as clearly and simply, and ir
fact as impersonally, as the sunlight falling over an entire
landscape. If that was not enough, it wasn't her fault.

He told her he had to go back to the stable and see about
the mare.

It was not anger at her, or disappointment, that forced him
to go. He had felt no anger, and the disappointment had
been dissipated even as he stood before her. He simply
wanted to be alone. He saw that the mare was rubbed down,
and in her stall. He wandered about the stable, inspecting
the stalls, here arranging a piece of gear that had been too
carelessly hung up, there straightening a coil of line on its
peg. The mare began to move restlessly in her stall, but he
paid no attention to her. jit was getting dark inside the stable.
Shortly before supper-time he returned to the house. What-
ever fleeting disappointment he had felt in his wife was
forgotten that night, for when he took her in his arms the
conviction came back to him that here he had found his
substantial happiness.

And in the succeeding months, if he did occasionally specu-
late about the events of that afternoon in his office, he was
moved by a spirit of objective and honest inquiry into his
own nature, and not by distress, for the new activities
HKfre and more engrossed Mm, and he lived in a state of
ouitoaent that precluded the question of happiness or
W^pffifiss. All fell he travelled much around the

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